Optimise are a wholly independent security risk consultancy established to help organisations understand where they are most vulnerable and how to mitigate threats against their assets in complex environments.

The company name reflects their intentions towards their clients. Wanting to OPTIMISE success, safety and security by helping organisations protect what is important to them and their people by creating a safe and secure environment. Optimise values their independence and will advise objectively.

Optimise know that security requirements are ever changing but their personal approach will ensure they understand an organisation’s concerns whilst keeping an eye on budgets and timescales.


The partners at Optimise were familiar with our past work and approached us for the start of their new business.

The directors had recently left their previous employment within the security sector and saw a gap in the market for a new consultancy firm. To get off the ground, they needed an identity before approaching some of their existing contacts.

We were supplied plenty of inspiration and indication of the kind of thing Optimise were after. They would require a logo – modern and clean with an icon to denote protection and / or improvement or progression. This would then translate into company stationery, a Powerpoint template, business proposal and company website.

The outcome

We followed our usual process of providing four possible logo designs, each one featuring an emblem in the form of either an arrow or circle to follow the “O” for Optimise but to also suggest a security lock or perimeter of sorts.

The Powerpoint slides and business proposal remained very clean and corporate as they would be presented to a lot of large firms to whom security threats could be commonplace. We wanted to make it apparent that Optimise were professional and a firm that could be trusted despite being a young company that lacked years of repute.

Finally, we began construction of the website which featured stylised stock imagery throughout and a simple, efficient customer journey. Their prospective clients needed to be able to navigate directly to their area of enquiry and the site’s bold, colourful buttons and sidebar contact form ensured this.

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