Healthy eating and fitness had always interested Abbey from Girl Got Glow but it wasn’t until she made the decision to start eating a plant-based diet that it really became a passion. After gaining more energy and feeling better both physically and emotionally, Abbey wanted to tell everyone about it!

Girl Got Glow is all about lifestyle change and enjoying the food that you’re eating, not forcing yourself to eat steamed chicken and broccoli every night whilst feeling deprived. If you’re sick of slimming clubs and counting calories or you’re not feeling great about yourself at the moment and feel like it’s time for a change, then Girl Got Glow can help you look and feel fantastic about yourself.


Since we had worked on a few projects before with Abbey, we were invited to join the team for this exciting new venture. Our task… to take the existing logo and website branding and translate it into a series of visually appealing recipe books.

Abbey had compiled a collection of delicious, healthy meal plans but wanted to present them in a professional manner and distribute them digitally to her new clients.

The books needed to be colourful, easy to read and include plenty of enticing photos of the meals. Once the first book was agreed there would be more to follow, enough to fill an entire 60 day diet plan for Abbey’s new sign-ups.

The outcome

After the initial briefing over the phone, we got to work on the first template. This book was to be the biggest as it featured some valuable introductory advice before listing the recipes.

We did some research into the various ways recipe books were laid out, taking inspiration from the celebrity chefs we all know from television and major book retailers. The Girl Got Glow books finally took shape, with grunge borders framing the pages, a two-column layout to present the ingredients and method side by side and plenty of large, mouth-watering images of these deliciously healthy dishes.

What began as one book soon turned into more than 10; each one containing new and exciting meals to help women achieve their fitness goals and all displayed in an attractive, easy to follow manner to ensure every ‘glowing girl’ could prepare their food with ease.

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