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Titan Triathlon Club is based around the Tamworth area. Since their inception, the club has gone from strength to strength with members taking part in a wide variety of events, from local sprint distance events right up to full ironman, both in the UK and abroad.

Titan Triathlon Club welcomes new members of all abilities, from those taking their first steps in Triathlon to the more seasoned competitors.

The club is continuously growing in so many ways, hosting organised events throughout the year designed to bring the latest club news, share training and other advice, sell official Titan merchandise and give each and every member the chance to connect with like-minded Triathletes.


We were referred to the Titans by another client and met with their chairpeople to discuss the needs of the club and what role the website needed to play.

We soon realised that the site was essential in pulling together all the loose admin ends the club had – from sharing news, training advice and nutritional tips, to handling memberships and selling club merchandise. The website would act as the central point of contact and would be a valuable tool in helping the club to run smoother.

After the first meeting, we left with a prioritised list of features that the new site would need and set to work building one of our largest projects to date.


Since the site would have a number of admins contributing their respective news and advice, a WordPress platform was the best way to go.

We began construction on the feature-loaded site which included a membership plugin that allowed new Titans to fill in their details, choose their own usernames and passwords and pay annual fees via the club’s PayPal account. An online shop allowed for the easy sales of club kit and merchandise while an interactive calendar widget gave each member the chance to set up and share their own training events throughout the year.

The site was topped off with an image slider and lots of high quality photos of Titan members doing what they do best… partaking and winning international triathlon events!

You can view the Titan Triathlon website here.

Titan Triathlon Website