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Three Family Fist is an ever expanding martial arts club with its roots in Norfolk. It combines the Dragon, Tiger and White Crane styles of this ancient martial art.

With over 20 classes running every week, beginners are encouraged to contact their local clubs or follow its group on Facebook to discuss forms, techniques, even share information about other martial arts.

The instructors are friendly and qualified to the highest standards and each class is run in a relaxed way to make learning Kung Fu a fun, enjoyable journey for all.


The club’s HQ had a former student offer to create an informative website to raise awareness of the style of this martial art, its origins and details of the clubs available.

However, the site soon became dated and needed a refreshing new look to keep people engaged and new enquiries coming in.

The new site would also benefit from a live link to Facebook so the instructors could announce latest news easily and YouTube links so demo videos could be shared among students.


The Three Family Fist website went above and beyond its original brief.

While including the live Facebook and YouTube links, we also created a MySql database so new students could be addded and details kept for reference, emergency contact details and membership fee purposes.

This database is linked to the site via a PHP login section so all instructors can contribute to the database as well as share and download vital resources for the smooth running of all the clubs.

You can view theĀ Three Family Fist site here.

Three Family Fist Kung Fu Website