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The KinderKabin was conceived with an appreciation of just how expensive it is to bring up small children and how little use is often gotten from their clothes and equipment before they grow out of them.

What do you do with the perfectly good clothes that no longer fit or toys they no longer play with?

Based in South Norfolk, the KinderKabin is a great environment to display these items and show them in the best possible light.


We were originally approached by the signage company who were branding the KinderKabin building. They knew of our work with website design and referred us to the people starting the company.

After the introduction, we quickly realised that a very simple, practical site was required with CMS capabilities to allow for regular updates of latest sales and news.

The design had to conform to what they were already having produced and we were supplied with a logo, colour scheme and leaflet layout for inspiration.


The KinderKabin site was created with a very child oriented theme. Everything about the design was child-like and fun.

The content of the site was left up to the company owners and so, once the CMS and the bare bones of the site were in place, the rest was up to them.

It features a JQuery image slider header, coat-peg like navigation menu, a LightBox gallery and contact form.

You can view the KinderKabin site here.

The KinderKabin Website