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Shire Oak is an 11 to 18 comprehensive academy which, in 2003, received designation as a specialist science college.

The academy has over 1,400 students on roll and was described as a purposeful, stimulating and harmonious environment in its most recent Ofsted inspection.

The academy staff and students work hard together to create such an environment.


This was our first commision with Shire Oak. The Principal approached us with the idea of creating a fresh, new prospectus aimed at future students and their parents.

The second motive was to set out branding guidelines for the academy which all future publications could adhere to. Until now, their collateral had been created by several different departments within the academy, each emerging with different designs and themes.

Shire Oak needed some consistency and an identity of their own.


Copy for the prosepctus arrived to us as a Word document with no set specifications for layout, just the current Shire Oak “Oak Leaf” logo and school colours.

We neatened up the logo and created a vector version for future us before setting about the prospectus.

What we created was a colourful, bold design that was picture-heavy to help break up the information. Each page featured bitesize Ofsted comments from the latest report and bulleted facts and figures to support the body copy.

Shire Oak Academy Prospectus