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Beauty by Laura is a mobile beauty therapy service offering facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures and specialist packages without the salon prices.

Laura had decided to set up the company after gathering clients including friends and family members.

After the word spread of the services, it was time to give the service an identity and set out a complete price list with business cards to match.


We were originally approached by a mutual friend of the Beuaty by Laura concept who had seen some leaflets produced by another company which didn’t give the company the right image.

They asked us to take a look at creating a fresh logo and then translate the colour and font scheme into a better looking A5 leaflet design and business card concepts.

The whole thing was initially kept as a surprise for Laura and a gift to help her get the business up and running.


The new logo was very well received. We created a spa style theme which said “glamour, style and delicacy” with the lotus flower motif.

The purple, lotus theme was then translated onto the leaflet design and business card artwork with the intention of being bright and eye-catching as they would be dispensed from perspex holders in as many business premises as possible.

Beauty by Laura Design