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New Mills Properties is a property investment and letting business that has been operating since October 2009.

The company was founded with the main objective of being able to provide a profitable portfolio, this being achieved by purchasing a variety of different types of properties all in need of renovation. Their main strategy is to buy buildings containing multiple units – flats, shops, houses, or a mixture of these.

Once completed, the renovation adds value to the property which is then re-financed, the initial investment being withdrawn and invested in the next property deal.


New Mills Properties was in the very early stages when one of its directors approached us.

The brief was simply that the company needed its complete image to get off the ground and, aside from the company name and the windmill concept, we were given creative freedom to design a logo, business cards and letterheads.

The directors wanted a clean, stylish brand which conveyed both professionalism and a sense of tradition to attract investors.


After supplying a few ideas with the logo, we narrowed it down to one design which was then split into a variety of colour schemes. The blue and green with slight gradients caught the eye of the directors.

The theme was strong and bold with a serif font to give the logo some character and a sense of longevity.

The business cards and letterheads soon became A4 portfolio folders, To Let boards, tenant vouchers and even the signage for the front of their new premises.

We are still doing business with New Mills Properties and will keep you up to date with all new developments.

New Mills Property Branding